Research Interests VI

Polymer Chemistry

Having worked for some time in the area of Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis I decided to move on and see what you can do with the polymer. Thus I joined the reseach group of Prof. F. Stelzer at the Technical University of Graz in Graz (Austria) in 2002.

Here I was working at a project entitled 'Surface Modification of Polymers' which, in short, involves the use of UV-light and a reactive gas to modify the surface of a polymer (like polystyrene, polyethylen). The reactive gas can be for example hydrazine, sulfur dioxide, ozone or even thioles. My task of the project was the preparation of suitable modells for the hydrazine reaction. As this is currently subject for patening I cannot tell too much about it.

After finishing that project I joined the Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL), a new technology transfere company supported by the Austrian Government amongst some other funding bodies. Here I was working as a project manager for one year, before I became an assinstant professor at the department. During that time I was still in charge of two industrial projects in that area and one patent resulted from this time. However, when I moved to the UK, I stopped working in that field.


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